Since the middle of the 1980s Transman has been engaged in handling post. At sorting centres material handling is a major part of the operations and a part well suited for gantry robot solutions.

Transman robots are primarily used for handling letters after they have been sorted into plastic trays by letter sorting machines. The plastic trays are labelled with bar codes that contain information about the addresses of the post in each tray. With the aid of the bar codes the Transman robots then sort the trays and stack them in special carriages. These carriages are then loaded manually onto trains or lorries for further transportation to the sorting centres nearest to the addresses in question.
At these sorting centres the trays are quite often resorted so that each carriage can be refilled with even more precisely sorted post.
A gantry robot is used when the trolleys are unloaded for resorting and the final loading of the carriage is also carried out using a similar type of robot.