Transman is the leading gantry robot manufacturer in Sweden, specialising in automated materials handling and machine loading. The company was founded in 1983 and our business objective is to improve industrial production efficiency by applying cutting-edge skills gained from our long experience in the field of production control.

Thanks to advanced technology, our robots can offer maximum uptime and extreme reliability, ensuring highly economical operations for our customers.
Our robots are simple to use thanks to operator-friendly control systems and they can handle all types of products, materials and packaging quickly, quietly and carefully. Transman’s sealed, robust and clean-operating robot solutions are suitable for nearly all types situations, from aggressive industrial environments to hygienically demanding pharmaceutical production.
Thanks to productizing based on modular design and standardized robot units we can keep costs to a minimum and produce simple solutions to meet customer needs.
Transman is owned by persons actively engaged in the company, allowing us to quickly adapt our operations to ever changing market demands.
Our products are used in many different technical applications and this means that both owners and employees represent a wide range of competencies. This gives us the opportunity to solve problems in an optimal way, as they can always be examined from a number of different points of view.

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