The automotive industry was quick to adopt robot applications and the food industry has a somewhat similar structure in that it handles large production volumes and requires a high degree of mechanisation.

Especially in recent years, robots have become increasingly important in the food industry and Transman products have been in use for more than 10 years, for instance in dairies.
An interesting solution was an application designed in 1994 for a major chicken producer. The application was reasonably straightforward and entailed palletising of packed fresh or frozen products. Besides carrying out these operations at high speed one of the most important features of the application is its capacity to sort and palletise a seemingly chaotic flow of diverse packages. The sorting process can even be customer controlled and the pallet loaded with mixed products or a single product, depending on the order.

Transman applications in this field are primarily characterized not only by their high capacities but also the intelligence level of routines for communicating with the main control systems and sorting functions.
As always, in the food industry, there are very high demands on materials with respect to corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.