Transman started to manufacture and develop industrial robots in the middle of the 1980s.

The engineering industry and, especially, the automotive industry had already accepted a high degree of mechanisation and many enterprises were strongly in favour of even more automation. Industrial robots, though primarily not gantry robots, had begun to be a more common feature, even if the idea itself was still generally regarded as quite new.
It was therefore natural that that most of our early work was accomplished within the engineering industry and it was here that Transman firmly established itself. Our customers now are the major Swedish vehicle manufacturers - Saab, Scania and Volvo. Both heavy goods vehicle and private car manufacturers are now aided by robot equipment from our company. In the middle of the 1980s Transman constructed its first robot system with vision capabilities, for handling engine blocks for petrol engines.

We have also supplied special equipment to the steel industry. Sandvik Steel quickly became one of our most important customers and today both early and new versions of our equipment are in use in their factories.
An important reason for our robots being so highly regarded in the steel and heavy goods vehicle industries is their capacity for handling heavy loads. And, as always in robotisation, a high degree of reliability is a must.