As part of Transman’s ambition to offer custom-built solutions at reasonable prices we have put a great deal of work into producing a modular component system. This dedication can be seen in our designs for control systems, but, above all, in our MODAL mechanical system, that has been the subject of intensive development to help us give customers the greatest possible value for money.

The component system is also available to end-users or system integrators who want to build their own applications, using the module system. The system covers a complete range – from single linear units without electrical equipment or reduction gears to complete robot building kits, for which the customer is responsible for installation and programming.

The component system is based on one of the world’s largest and most advanced aluminium profile ranges. This means that we can build robots with large operating areas at competitive prices. The working surfaces of the profiles require no extra finishing after extrusion and hard anodising. Expensive machining of the profiles in the direction of travel and expensive assembly of linear ball bearings is thereby avoided. Our most important profiles have been patented.